Top 5 Favourite Coffee Recipes

I can’ t believe I completely missed out on “National Coffee Day” yesterday! This is one “national” social media¬† day that I can get behind ūüėČ Now you guys know I like to keep things real here, so these are coffees I¬†actually¬†drink at least 2 or 3 times a week. My go-to is obvioulsy plain coffee with cream and sugar but that’s no fun right? We like to keep things at least a¬†little bit¬†intersting here :p

Full disclosure: I am a long-time Starbucks fan (yes I am one of those), so this is mainly centered around what I would order when I go to Starbucks, which is quite often. I am also a firm believer that a morning cup of joe shouldn’t cost $6.50 a piece.

Let’s get right into it! (in no particular order of preference)

  1. ¬†Cinnamon Americano — this is a grande size Americano straight off of the menu: 3 shots of espresso plus piping hot water with room for cream and sugar (if you are so inclined). What I do is I pour in some milk until it’s almost to the top of the cup, and finish it off with some coffee cream. You can certainly skip the cream,¬†because I find that by adding the hot water to the espresso it makes the drink¬†very smooth already in comparison to regular coffee, so cream here is¬†actually¬†optional. I then sprinkle some cinnamon on top of the coffee along with some nutmeg. If I’m feeling fancy I often add a dash of vanilla powder too. All this can be found at the condiment bar… and there you have it, perfect for the fall season and that sudden craving for all things cinnamon and spice ūüėČ On a side note, I personally think this may be a better way to get your caffeine fix on a budget than other “starbucks hacks” out there. For one, you avoid the awkwardness of having to ask for extra ice/cup/milk etc to create your concoction, and a grande Americano here in Canada is only $3.10 tax included. Not bad in my opinion, because usually this will get me through most of the day.
  2. Caramel Iced Coffee — ¬†This is probably the most complicated one on my list but I promise it’s delicious: I would order a grande ice coffee (not the cold brew ice coffee usually, unless I am really really tired) in a venti cup, and ask for extra ice to be filled all the way to the top. I will ask for 1% milk, 1/2 or 1 pump of caramel syrup (depending on my mood), and caramel sauce “Cali-style” –meaning caramel sauce drizzle all around on the inside of the cup and on top. The reasoning for this is so that the caramel suace will drip into the bottom of the cup slowly instead of clumping all together. By doing so you end up with a very even spread of caramel flavour as you sip along. At first I thought this is just some snobby coffee terminology, but I tried it myself and I am a believer: it’s so good! You get little clumps of caramel here and there and because I don’t like my coffee overly sweet anyways, it is just the perfect amount of sweetness with an intense caramel flavour. Oh and the extra ice keeps your drink nice and cold for a long time, make sure you get a sleeve though because your hands WILL be wet after a while due to the condensation. All inclusive this usually comes out under $4 including tax. Shout out to Alex from HRH Collection for this inspiration on one of her recent vlogs <3<3
  3. Double Shot On Ice — This used to be on the menu when I was in high school but I haven’t seen it come back since then. Good thing is every barista I’ve come across knows exactly what this is and it’s a great pick me up for when you don’t want to drink a whole big thing of liquids (I usually get this late in the afternoon or early evening when I’ve had lunch/dinner but I’m feeling that food coma :p). It’s simply two shots of espresso, with milk and sweetner (you can choose whatever you want), shaken together with ice and viola! The coffee flavour is intense in this one so you won’t be disappointed.
  4. Instant Iced Coffee¬†— I found out about this purely by accident. I had some instant coffee¬†lying around the house and I saw online how people were making greek frappes out of a special kind of instant coffee. So I thought I would give it a try with what I have and it turned out amazing! I take two generous heaping table spoons of instant coffee, put it in a tumbler, and add just enough room temperature/cold water so I can dissolve it. If you are using sugar cubes or granulated sugars you can add that in here too so it dissolves with the coffee. Use a spoon (the straw that comes with the tumbler will work too) and stir virgorously, until a layer of foam forms on top of the coffee. Then add ice cubes all the way to the top of your tumbler, and then pour in as much or as little milk as you want. If you are using syrups this would be a good time to stir that in. Give it a quick stir to make sure everything is combined and that’s it! Sip and be surprised how similar (if not even better) it tastes compared to store bought iced coffee. This is my favourite tip because you can make it at home, you have total control, and it is SUPER budget friendly.
  5. ¬†Red Eye Latte¬†— I call this a red eye latte simply because this is what I get when I need something on the milder side, something hot, and something more substantial (aka when I am skipping breakfast), but also gives me the kick that I need to get through the day. This is the easiest one: add an extra shot of espresso to your latte. I don’t know if it’s just me but I find that 2 espresso shots in a grande latte drink is simply NOT enough (talking like a true addict here, seriously), this is a pricier choice for sure but my rationale when I think I deserve to splurge on my morning coffee is: go big or go home. An extra shot definitely gives the latte a much richer taste and it doesn’t make the drink at all bitter in my opinion. so it’s definitely worth a try on those mornings when you simply cannot. get. up.


So here we have it folks! My top 5 favourite coffee drinks at the moment. I can talk about coffee all day, so if you’ve read this far¬†thank you! Be sure to let me know because by now, I need¬†to take YOU out for a coffee <3



What is YOUR favourite drink? I’d love to know!¬†

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  1. I am not a coffee drinker but my wife is. I am trying to find some fun coffee recipes to surprise her. These all look awesome, especially the Cinnamon Americano! Thanks for the ideas.

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