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Branches of the Superior Court of Justice

The Ontario Superior Court of Justice is the largest superior trial court in Canada. The Superior Court, along with the courts that branch out on this level are some of the busiest trial courts in the world. Today we will… Read More

Case Brief 003 — Small Claims Court

It was Canadian Thanksgiving over the weekend, so I hope everyone got a chance to sleep in, rest up and ate lots of pumpkin pie 😀 The case brief summaries this week have a focus on the issue… Read More

Top 5 Favourite Coffee Recipes

I can’ t believe I completely missed out on “National Coffee Day” yesterday! This is one “national” social media  day that I can get behind 😉 Now you guys know I like to keep things real here, so… Read More

Flat White

For all my fellow coffee lovers out there:  Starbucks have introduced an Aussie staple into their espresso drinks menu this year: the Flat White. After some good o’ googling, the flat white seems to be everything I can dream of… Read More