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As the very first post on this blog, I thought I’d do a little recap on the winter holiday that just passed!

I’m usually not a big fan of celebrations and holidays, but Christmas in my family is actually the perfect opportunity for everyone to finally wind down, relax (sleeping in is a must), and spend some quality time just being together in the house. We certainly did a lot of that this year and even though it’s not super special and interesting, I am truly thankful for the time I had with the whole family.

Some notable highlights: I started the process of redecorating and moved a few things around in my room to declutter and make space for the new year. My dad also taught me how to use an electric sander for several DIY projects I have in mind (inspired by Youtube) for my work space at home. I also ordered my first KiKi-K time planner as a birthday gift to myself. I will dedicate individual posts on my planner collection in the near future so please stay tuned 😉

…But for now, let’s revisit the holiday spirit one last time:

At around Christmas time, Tony and I went to visit the annual Christmas Market at the Distillery District here in Toronto. This was our second time going and to avoid the crowds we decided to go during the day this time around. The market is known for its unique arts and crafts stalls (perfect if you want to buy gifts you can’t find anywhere else), mulled wine, apple cider, outdoor carolers, and of course, the big christmas tree in the centre of the square. We missed out on the mulled wine and cider stalls from different parts of Europe because we found out they were only open on evenings in weekends, but I hear they are definitely worth a try. A visit next year is definitely in order!

DSC_1768DSC_1707hmmm....hmmm….DSC_1706DSC_1735DSC_1749DSC_1727The ginerbread house on the left is one of my favourite places to go 🙂

DSC_1723Whoops!…I didn’t realize I was standing by myself underneath a mistletole here

DSC_1761They had a #selfie frame set up on the spot beside one of the stalls so obviously I had to jump on the opportunity

2014 ended on a peaceful note and I truly cannot ask for more loving and caring friends and family by my side. I have a feeling that 2015 will be a blast and I can’t wait to share it with you all!

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