Month: January 2015

Trader Joe’s

Ever since I visited my buddy Joel in Washington D.C and being introduced to the world of Trader Joe’s I have been dying to go back ( Yes I know it’s weird to obsess over a super market) and try… Read More

The Winter Boot

Well it certainly has been a hectic week and a half! With a new job, new schedule, and new routine in place, I’m just finally beginning to get back into the swing of things. I’m a big believer… Read More


I first heard about the Serial podcast back in November here on The College Prep and it was already creating quite a buzz in the States. Out of sheer curiosity I went back and downloaded all the episodes leading up… Read More

A Different Perspective

In order to achieve what most people want, we must be prepared to do what most people won’t.  I came across this little gem a little while ago from a source that I have now forgotten (whoops, my… Read More